Gorguts to Begin Work on New Album

Leader Luc Lemay is "in writing mode"

Photo: Jimmy Hubbard

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 30, 2020

Having explored new compositional realms on the single-song 2016 EP Pleiades' Dust, Gorguts won't be leave listeners waiting much longer for a new full-length album.

In a new conversation with A Metalhead in a Strange Place, founding guitarist and vocalist Luc Lemay shared he has begun writing new material after he hand his bandmates took the past few years to recharge after intensive touring.

"I'm...in writing mode, I'll start composing a new Gorguts album," Lemay revealed. "I'm sorry to say that it's a perfect timing…I mean that my writing session ends up happening now. There's no sword cutting through water, like bands who worked hard for a year or two on an album. They want to unleash it but can't…"

Of the band's time away, he explained, "We had done a lot of tours two years ago, so we needed to focus on our own things, to take a break and recharge the batteries. [Bassist Colin Marston] and [Guitarist Kevin Hufnagel] have projects all the time. Colin has his studio, he's always busy. Even the last tour in Europe was done with Forest [Dominic Lapointe] from Augury playing with us. I love Forest, he's a damn good friend and he's amazing. But I'd rather take a break than replace people all the time."

Lemay also noted how this break from music has been filled with woodworking, with projects ranging from sign-making to furniture building.

"I live in the countryside, in a small town. When I quit music, I started working freelance, doing woodwork. I sculpt wooden signs. Let's say you have a small shop, you're a shoemaker so you want a sign. They're handmade signs. I started doing that and it gave me a lot of work. I built a whole workshop and eventually started making furniture as well. People came to me for that. So that's what I do. You know the pandemic… of course it sucks, it's crap for the music business and for arts. But me in confinement, I'm lucky enough that the phone rang and that I received commissions that I can work on in my workshop."

Gorguts' most recent full-length LP was 2013's Colored Sands, which Exclaim! named one of the Best Canadian Albums of the 2010s. The album marked the metal outfit's first in 12 years.

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