Pleiades' Dust

BY Denise FalzonPublished May 11, 2016

The 2013 release of Colored Sands was an epic return for Quebec technical death metal masters Gorguts. Thankfully, frontman Luc Lemay and company haven't waited quite that long to follow it up, as they're now offering up a new EP, titled Pleiades' Dust.
The band took a unique approach with the release by creating a single, 33-minute track divided into several "movements" that equate to chapters in a book. Their most compositionally ambitious release to date, the EP maintains Gorguts' signature sound, with brilliant guitar work, crushing riffs, brutal blasts and Lemay's iconic vocals. The complex structure features classical arrangements, which are layered with the progressive, experimental elements that the band have continually expanded upon with each new release.
Pleiades' Dust also showcases a greater emphasis on dark, ambient passages and some ominous industrial sounds, which really highlight a new approach for Gorguts. An intelligent and thought-provoking lyrical concept, which pays tribute to the Islamic Golden Age and intellectual era of the Middle East, adds to the overall beauty of the EP and enhances the listening experience.
Pleiades' Dust is a stunning release, a cohesive, exceptionally crafted piece that captures the heavy aggression and incredible musicianship of Gorguts while incorporating more avant-garde elements and a fascinating storyline to boot.
(Season of Mist)

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