Gordon Lightfoot Can't Wait to Be Neighbours with Drake

Gordon Lightfoot Can't Wait to Be Neighbours with Drake
Two of Canada's softest musicians are about to become BFFs as Gordon Lightfoot prepares to welcome Drake into the neighbourhood. 

As previously reported, Drizzy is building a mansion fit for a supervillain in Toronto's swanky Bridle Path neighbourhood, and from the sounds of it, the 77-year-old Lightfoot is going to be the first guy at Drake's doorstep with a basket of muffins.

Speaking with the Canadian Press, Lightfoot said he's elated to live near the 6 God. "I'm very proud of the fact that he would choose to move next door to me," he said. "It'll be good to have him drop by."

When asked if he was worried about disturbances from the hard-partying rapper, Lightfoot said, "People really do mind their own business around here. But everyone is with each other spiritually."

Then again, it sounds like Lightfoot might have ulterior motives with Drizzy — after all, it sounds like he's hoping to get in some facetime with Drake's mom.

"I'll go over to his house for breakfast," Lightfoot said. "His mom might come over for coffee."

Gord, you sly dog!