Godflesh "F.O.D." (Slaughter cover)

Godflesh 'F.O.D.' (Slaughter cover)
It's been 12 years since industrial metal greats Godflesh issued their farewell LP Hymns, but the band have now returned with new, crushing material. Specifically, a promo flexi-disc for the latest issue of Decibel contains a cover of old-school Canadian metal crew Slaughter's "F.O.D." (or "Fuck of Death").

Godflesh's version is plenty grimy, with detuned six-strings unfurling layer upon layer of ooze onto the arrangement. The drum machine beat crawls along at an unnatural pace, up until the double kick comes in, while gargled vocals figure prominently throughout as well.

You can sample Godflesh's tribute to the Toronto metal band over here. You can also check out the original down below.