God Made Me Funky We Can All Be Free

Toronto’s God Made Me Funky have a penchant for funking up a live show that is practically the stuff of urban legends. Mild hyperbole aside, GMMF have got the goods and they ain’t shy about sharing it. The nu-funk band’s relentless dedication to the grind has quickly garnered them a national and international rep and anticipation for this sophomore effort. Uninitiated listeners might be forgiven for thinking GMMF owe their sound to the Black Eyed Peas, but I’d describe the funksters as Canadian multiculturalism in full funked out action. With production from Nigel Williams (of Pocket Dwellers fame) and guest spots from Michie Mee, Maestro and Thrust, We Can All Be Free is a incendiary mix of hip-hop (Phatt Al), R&B (Kaybe, Breanne Arrigo) and a savvy coterie of classically training instrumentalists. When GMMF are on point, they’re on point ("Won More Time,” "Make U Want Me”), while tracks like "Down With The King’s” and "The Jam” are less than inspired, they make up for it with cool grooves like "Get On Up” and "The Future.” We Can All Be Free is arguably more polished and more commercial than the funk free-for-all that was their last album; whether that’s a good thing is probably up for debate. It’s indisputable, however, it that fact that GMMF are a Canadian R&B/funk band that aren’t pretentious and don’t suck. (New EmPire)