Glenn Danzig on Touring: "I Think I'm Done"

Okay, maybe a few more 'Danzig Sings Elvis' shows for good measure

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 9, 2022

In 2019, Glenn Danzig affirmed there would be no more Misfits shows beyond those he was contractually obligated to attend, and in the midst of a tour of his own, he's shared that he's leaning towards giving up the road life entirely.

Speaking with Revolver about his present 10-date US tour with Danzig, which kicked off last week, the bandleader modestly shared, "It's not really much of a tour. It's 10 shows," before sharing that any larger commitment is likely out of the question:

I don't think I'm going to tour anymore. I'm just going to fly out to a show here or there. I'll maybe be down to do some one-offs. But I just don't see myself getting on a tour bus anymore.

So, no tours after this?
Yeah. I think I'm done.

A focus on one-off live dates lends itself well to specialty sets, like full-album performances. A May 7 show in Ontario, CA, saw Danzig play 1990's Danzig II: Lucifuge front to back, and it seems like the frontman is open to similar live engagements in the future:

Do you like performing entire albums live?
I don't mind doing it once in a while. This way it's kind of fun and doesn't wear itself out. You get an offer from something like Riot Fest or Psycho Las Vegas to do a whole album, that's OK. I wouldn't want to do a whole tour of that. When I'm placing the songs on an album, I'm trying to make you go on a ride. It's similar with a live show except a live show's a lot different than sitting in your room listening to a record.

One record you can be sure Danzig will perform again is his 2020 set of Elvis covers, which he claims has been doing much better than this author ever would have guessed:

Your Danzig Sings Elvis project finally came out in 2020.
It was a big success. I've already been getting royalties for it, as a matter of fact, which is amazing. [Laughs] We have to re-press some vinyl because we're sold out of vinyl again. We did two shows right [in 2021] around Halloween at the Hollywood Roosevelt [Hotel, in Los Angeles]. I wanted it to be like an old Vegas vibe. They have a great ballroom there and we put tables in front and then seats behind. Those shows sold out. It was amazing.

You'd been talking about that project for a long time, so I know it had special meaning for you.
It was just a labour of love. I didn't expect to make any money really off of it. I just felt it would be cool to do and it seemed like a lot of people would love to hear it. I would bounce the idea off people — a great thing about meeting people when you're on the road is that you can bounce stuff off them. They're your fans, and they've been following you for sometimes 20, 30 years. There's nobody better to ask than them. So, it worked out great. I think I'm going to do a couple more Danzig/Elvis shows.

Danzig's tourmates in Cradle of Filth recently announced plans to tour Canada. The Misfits vocalist's headlining run wraps up May 19 in Austin, TX.

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