Glassjaw Worship and Tribute

Worship and Tribute is the second release by the band that was formed from the ashes of New York hardcore act Sons of Abraham. If Glassjaw fans were concerned that this little to the left group would lose their underground sensibilities upon signing with the big conglomerate of Warner, they can now put their minds at ease. Worship and Tribute still features all the things that are loveable about the group, which also helped garner them a strong fan base on tours like Warped, Ozzfest and SnoCore. Vocalist Daryl Palumbo still draws an image of Elvis Costello on anti-psychotic medication, Justin Beck and Todd Weinstock's experimental sonic guitars are still intact and Larry Gorman (drums) and Dave Allen (bass) are still the driving hardcore force backing the band. Lyrically, the band is light-years away from other bands (just listen to tracks like "Radio Cambodia" and "Trailer Park Jesus"). But what is the greatest feat on this record is that in the tradition on Faith No More and Jane's Addiction, Glassjaw manages to stay connected to their peers while at the same time standing firmly one step above them. This record takes some chances and Glassjaw are up for that challenge. (Warner)