Girls Announce New Broken Dreams Club EP

Girls Announce New <i>Broken Dreams Club</i> EP
Back when Girls first released their buzz-worthy debut Album last year, frontman Christopher Owen told Exclaim! that the band were already setting their sights on album No. 2. He said, "I think the songs are better, I've matured a little bit with the newer material." While we still haven't heard anything more about a new LP, Girls have now announced plans to release an EP, Broken Dreams Club, which due out November 22 via True Panther.

Its six songs clock in at 30 minutes, meaning that this EP is longer than many bands' full-length offerings. Rather than issuing a formal press release, Owen wrote a lengthy letter, which you can view in scanned form on the True Panther website.

He wrote, "It's true that when you give love you will receive love and it's only because of the love that we've received from our fans that we've been able to drastically improve the quality of our work… We took the money we made on tour and worked with the kind of equipment and musicians that would have been too expensive for us in the past."

He added, "This isn't Girls all grown up, but it's certainly the next step up from Album." You can judge for yourself by downloading the single "Heartbreaker" for free right here.

You can see the tracklist below, and the Album-alluding cover art above. The EP will be available on CD, twelve-inch vinyl and digital download.

Broken Dreams Club:

1. "The Oh So Protective One"

2. "Heartbreaker"

3. "Broken Dreams Club"

4. "Alright"

5. "Substance"

6. "Carolina"