Girl Band Detail Debut Album 'Holding Hands with Jamie'

Girl Band Detail Debut Album 'Holding Hands with Jamie'
Irish four-piece Girl Band may not have any actual girls in their band, but they do finally have a full-length record in the bag. Titled Holding Hands with Jamie, the Dublin group's debut album is due out on September 25 via Rough Trade.
It marks the follow-up to this year's The Early Years EP, which spawned a gruesome video for their take on Blawan's "Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?"
That cover won't be appearing on Holding Hands with Jamie, with the band instead delivering nine totally new tracks. The songs were recorded with Daniel Fox, Liam Mulvaney and James Hyland at Bowlane Studios in their hometown, and aim to capture "the tension and abrasive energy" of Girl Band's live performances.
In addition to standard and digital copies of the album, a limited run of 250 yellow vinyl pressing will be made available at indie record shops and at the Rough Trade web store.
Girl Band have also shared a video featuring footage of the recording process, which serves as a teaser for the new album. Scroll past the tracklisting to Holding Hands with Jamie to give it a watch.
Holding Hands with Jamie:
1. Umbongo
2. Pears For Lunch
3. Baloo
4. In Plastic
5. Paul
6. The Last Riddler
7. Texting an Alien
8. Fucking Butter
9. The Witch Dr.