The Ghost is Dancing The Ghost is Dancing

The Ghost is Dancing say they formed to "keep six best friends from growing apart,” and you can tell — they seem to have a lot of fun. They synthesise two well-liked genres — post-emo, Death Cab for Cutie-style indie rock, and ensemble cast, fist-pump pop like the Arcade Fire. Still a little wobbly on their heels, TGID don’t quite have the swagger of the aforementioned yet, but they’re tight, the violin sounds good, and the collective chants are impassioned. Camaraderie is always a good starting point, and here it doesn’t end — their positivity is unrestrained and true-blue, they sound naïve but confident and well prepared to take their act beyond the revelry of the rehearsal space. "The Running Song” is the stand out track, the most blithe and hooky by far, and a good culmination of the ideas that are gelling throughout the rest of the EP. Previous opening slots for the Most Serene Republic and Kiss Me Deadly are good indications of TGID’s sound and harbingers of the path that waits — if they keep shopping around and taking their party to the stage, they’ll turn some heads. (Independent)