The Ghost Inside Fury And The Fallen Ones

The Ghost Inside’s full-length debut is chock full of hardcore rhythms and brutality from top to bottom, and somewhere in the middle you might find elements that make this one more metalcore album for the masses. Opener "Provoke”’ not only embodies the ideals of the tough guy hardcore philosophy but generates the same audio impression, with fast-paced punk drumming and guitar work, all the while foreshadowing the inevitable breakdowns. For an album that is described as "metalcore” it doesn’t come off as such. The first half of the record features more angular fret board riffs then metal-inspired sounds. In the latter stages of the album, "Shiner” is the straw that breaks this camel’s back, drawing an apt comparison to Comeback Kid’s relentless pace, reinforcing that this isn’t a metalcore album, just hardcore. After much deliberation the verdict is in: there’s ghost inside me that loves a heavy, ruthless, hardcore disc. (Mediaskare)