Get Reviews of 'Dark Skies,' 'Tower' and 'Snitch' in This Week's Film Roundup

Get Reviews of 'Dark Skies,' 'Tower' and 'Snitch' in This Week's Film Roundup
With the Oscars coming up, the film industry seems to have slowed down a little this week. Of course, we've still the film release highlight goods for you, and you can always head over to our Recently Reviewed section to check out the reviews for a bunch of other new releases.

First up is Scott Stewart's Dark Skies (pictured). Though you may be skeptical about seeing another Stewart movie, this one might surprise you: the film examines the famous Arthur C. Clarke quote "Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." Stewart plays with this question until late in the film, which has "uncommonly meaty subtext," says our reviewer, for a film "built from repurposed clichés."

In Ric Roman Waugh's action flick, Snitch, Dwayne Johnson (The Rundown, The Game Plan) must get close with some bad guys to try and reduce his son's (Rafi Gavron) prison sentence. His son, a first time offender, has landed a drug charge and is looking at ten years. The film is as much about explosions as it is about a flawed justice system, and according to our reviewer, neither are up to snuff.

Kazik Radwanski's Tower tells the story of Derek (Derek Bogart), a socially awkward and pretty delusional shut-in, who would rather spend his time working on animations in his basement than in the real world. This film's camera work forces the viewer to share Derek's perspective of things by using scope-limiting close-ups, which is both a challenge and an intriguing cinematographic strategy.

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