Gene Simmons Is a Lone Wolf

"I don't have friends"
Gene Simmons Is a Lone Wolf
Photo: Raph_PH
Knowing this comes easily on account of being a rockstar, KISS tongue-waggler in-chief Gene Simmons has decided to take the road less travelled and forego having friends.

Sometimes you just wanna rock and roll all night (and party every day) by yourself, right? In a new interview with Goldmine Magazine, Simmons admitted that he doesn't much enjoy the company of others.

"Even today as I sit here, other than Paul [Stanley, guitarist and KISS co-founder], and we only get together when we do stuff for the band… How do I say this without sounding inhuman? I don't have friends," the bass player said. "I feel closer to Paul than anyone I know," he added of Stanley.

That is the great thing about being in a band, though: built-in friends to dress up in armour and paint their faces with you.

Simmons elaborated on his lack of desire for human connection: "Yeah, if friends means, 'Gee, I don't know what I'm going to do this afternoon. Hey, you want to come over and hang out?' I'm more interested in what I want to do, and I don't want to pretend that I'm interested in what you want to do because I am not." Honestly? He's so real for that.

"I have almost no friends," the musician reiterated, clarifying: "On purpose. I prefer acquaintances. I don't expect anything from anyone and I don't want anyone coming to me with their problems."

For as much as he thinks Mick Jagger wouldn't last half an hour in his KISS costume, Simmons is a rolling stone — a lone wolf eager to lick up life without the pack.

After the band soon retires out of pride and self-respect, he's hopeful some other "deserving" lonely boy and co. will pick up where they left their dragon boots. And who knows? Maybe they'll even make some friends along the way (if they're into that kind of thing).