Gang Gang Dance + Growing = I.U.D.

Gang Gang Dance + Growing = I.U.D.
Following a rather awesome 2008 with St. Dymphna, Gang Gang Dance's Lizzi Bougatsos has announced she's breaking away for a little side-project action this year. Dubbed I.U.D. (which we're assuming is short for intrauterine device), Bougatsos's new venture finds the New Yorker pairing up with Growing's Sadie Laska, and together the duo have already ironed out the details of their debut full-length.

Via The Social Registry imprint, I.U.D. will drop The Proper Sex on March 24, and from titles like "Girls Just Wanna (Time to Have Sex)" and "Glo Balls" it appears the two may be entering a more sexually-charged territory than they usually do in their day jobs. Along with the full-length, I.U.D. have a seven-inch lined up as well for album track "Daddy," which will precede the album and feature a remix from Black Dice's Aaron Warren as the B-side.

There's no word yet if the group will be touring Canada but they have released the tracklisting and the cover art, which looks oddly familiar.

The Proper Sex tracklisting:

1. "Daddy"
2. "Glo Balls"
3. "Monk Hummer"
4. "911"
5. "Mary Unmargaret"
6. "Girls Just Wanna (Time to Have Sex)"

I.U.D. "Ghetto Sperm" (live)