Future and Kanye West's "I Won" Inspires Videogame

Future and Kanye West's 'I Won' Inspires Videogame
Future's Kanye West-featuring single "I Won" is about thinking of women as trophies, and the song has now spawned a videogame that interprets its lyrical concept quite literally.

The game depicts two individuals — whom we assume are supposed to be Future and Yeezy, although all we can really see are dreadlocks and a buzzcut — sitting in beach chairs while bikini-clad women walk past.

Players throw gold chains at the women; if you manage to lasso one of them, she turns into a trophy. Those who succeed increase their trophy collection and earn style points before the two-minute clock runs out.

The concept is a morally questionable one, but it's in keeping with the lyrics of the song, so you probably don't need us to spell it out for you. Make up your own mind by playing it below, or visit its website here.

Naturally, the game is soundtracked by "I Won." It was designed by the Uprising Creative, and there's a leader board for the highest scores.

"I Won" comes from Future's album Honest.