Future Star Details 'It's About Time!' for Mint Records

Here the single "This Is the Part That's Too Hard to Explain"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 23, 2024

Vancouver DIY pop minimalist (and New Faves alum) Future Star has announced an album for her new label home of Mint Records. It's About Time! is out July 5.

As a preview, Future Star has shared the new single "This Is the Part That's Too Hard to Explain." It's a characteristically twee and lovely pop ditty that bursts into some lively electronic beats.

The album was produced by Andromeda Monk. According to an announcement, "The album is at times minimalistic in texture with upright piano and voice, and at times lushly arranged with additions of synthetic strings, flutes and drum machine. Breathing naturally and comfortably, like a body at rest, it invites the listener to breathe naturally and comfortably, because everything is going to happen no matter what."

Check out "This Is the Part That's Too Hard to Explain" below, and scroll past that to see the album's tracklist.

It's About Time!:

1. Where You've Been That's Where You're Coming From
2. Hansel and Greteling
3. This Is the Part That's Too Hard to Explain
4. What Feels More at Home Than Being in Love
5. Maybe Just a Moment (Just Starting) 
6. For Good or for Worse We See the Rocks Begin to Move
7. Instrumental (Family Entertainment Conglomerate) 
8. I Just Noticed 
9. My Bright Fantasy 
10. Real Life 
11. All These Tiny Things
12. Pomegranate Seeds
13. It's About Time

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