Funkstorung Appendix

Funkstörung — meaning "transmission interference” — are (ahem, were) German IDM producers Michael Fakesch and Chris De Luca. Appendix is a collection of previous remixes done together over the past 12 years, a celebrative compendium of their musical history. They’ve recently announced that this release is their last, for they’ve decided to split and pursue solo careers. This album is perfect for catching up with a wide range of remixes from the Funkstörung library, as the tracks run the gamut from click-y melodious pop to cerebral, abstract instrumentals to funky, glitch-y breaks. Highlights are, of course, a remix of Björk’s "All is Full of Love,” as well as a remix of Lamb’s "Heaven,” where the ethereal, wispy vocals of Louise Rhodes are overlaid with guitar riffs and washes of electronic samples. Also a favourite is the Raveonettes’ "Love in a Trashcan,” which contrasts beach-y surfer guitar riffs and hypnotising vocals with cold break beats. A secret bonus track from Richard Devine finishes this comp with abrasive clicking and clashing, and a cacophony of bass-y squelches. (!K7)