Funki Porcini Zombie

The Funki one is a long-time fan and creator of soundtracks, and films for that matter. Here, he gives us two new pieces meant to accompany the celluloid period piece Zombie Flesheaters. Surprisingly, "Flesheater Boulevard" is quite a happy go lucky piece; slinky with its crisp beats, melodic bass line and slew of samples, the track is quintessential Porcini. "Fulci on the Rocks" is appropriately creepy, with horn accents, lots of snare and a bass running up and down the scales. Like a chase scene in a '60s spy flick, this one is heavily dramatic, with the ending suggesting that the Zombie has met his maker. This CD EP also includes three cuts originally featured on the long sold-out Funki Porcini vs. Jerry van Rooyen release. "Flesh Carpet," a chilled, smooth, suave, jazzy groover and the lounge-y "Great Train Robbery" are the treats of the three, with only the EQing in the latter giving away its roots in the here and now, baby. (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)