Funeral for a Friend Casually Dressed & In Deep Conversation

The UK’s favourite screamo band is back with the solid full-length album Casually Dressed & In Deep Conversation. As opposed to their way-too-short 7 Ways to Scream Your Name EP, this record lets you get deep into the world of FFAF, with catchy riffs, seductive sing/screams and memorable choruses. Vocalist Matt Davies really grows into his set of pipes, hitting some great notes in "Your Revolution Is A Joke” and "Bend Your Arms To Look Like Wings.” There are some gems from their last EP on this record, like the deliciously devastating "Red Is The New Black.” FFAF have kept with the same melodic hardcore sound, still managing to throw in some punk and metal inspired bits. For fans of Thrice, Poison the Well, or fellow UK band the Hurt Process. (Warner)