Edison Lot, Baltimore MD, May 22

Photo: Natalie Zina Walschots

BY Natalie Zina WalschotsPublished May 23, 2015

It's always tough to go on early the first long day of Deathfest, as many fans are stuck in line outside picking up their passes, but New Jersey death metallers Funebrarum delivered a blistering set nonetheless. Performing with vocalist Sam Osborne (Cauterized, Demoncy), their energy was infectious and their stage banter on point, (at one point they managed to get a louder cheer for the tooth fairy than Satan from the crowd).
Their thick, almost languid guitars and monstrous vocals sounded particularly tar-like in the early afternoon heat, managing to be heavy without wallowing. There was a precision to their heaviness live that was delightfully unexpected, a clarity that made their set exceed expectations. 

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