Fucked Up Share New 'Live at CBGB's' Album

It chronicles a seven-track set from 2006
Fucked Up Share New 'Live at CBGB's' Album
Following their Rivoli live set that arrived in May, Fucked Up have now unearthed another live recording from CBGB's. You can hear the seven-song set below.

Live at CBGB's was recorded and mixed live in May 2006, months before the historic space was closed to the public that October. 

"We've all got to believe in '2006' at some point or another in our lives," the band write."It was the land before guitar tuners, tempo checks, backing vocals, or monitor mixes. It was the time in which we all etched one phrase into our minds as young impressionable musicians finding their way on this earth: 'Nice set dude, can we borrow your amps.'"

Fucked Up last released their Dose Your Dreams album in 2018. Earlier this year, the band's Jonah Falco and Mike Haliechuk made their debut as Jade Hairpins.