Fucked Up Reveal Their Top Ten of 2009

Fucked Up Reveal Their Top Ten of 2009
It's an exciting day for Fucked Up fans, what with the release of their anticipated cover of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" and all that. In the excitement, however, fans should be careful not to overlook the top ten list that the group recently posted on their blog, compiling their favourite releases of 2009.

The top ten list was agreed upon by the entire band, and is mostly made up favourite songs, with Katie Stelmanis's hauntingly theatrical "Believe Me" coming in at No. 1. (Stelmanis, who Fucked Up refer to as an "amazing, Harry Potter-influenced Italian opera singer") was a guest vocalist on last year's The Chemistry of Common Life.)

The list also features two albums (one by Deadmau5, the other a Radio Slave-curated compilation), as well as a YouTube video called "Woman Bloopers," featuring a clips of women falling over in slo-mo set to gentle classical music.

The full list is below, but head over to Fucked Up's blog to check out the YouTube clips that go along with each item on the list, as well as the band's entertaining little descriptions.

Fucked Up's Top Ten of 2009:

1) Katie Stelmanis - "Believe Me"
2) Paul Keeley - "Life Aquatic"
3) Radioslave - FabricLive
[ed: this presumably refers to Radio Slave's Fabric 48 compilation]
4) Deadmau5 - Lack of a Better Name
5) Michael Cassette - "Shadows Movement"
6) The Horrors - "See Within a Sea"
7) Fever Ray - "When I Grow Up"
8) Jaytech - "Sundance"
9) John Maus - "Rights for Gays"
10) YouTube - "Women Bloopers"