Fuck Buttons Adelaide Hall, Toronto ON, June 19

Fuck Buttons Adelaide Hall, Toronto ON, June 19
Photo: Shane Parent
With a name like Fuck Buttons, few expect lilting acoustic folk. But even the Bristol duo's adventurous albums can't prepare the uninitiated for just how punishingly loud they are live. Facing off against one another in a sort of clash of the gear heads, Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power left no ear undamaged during their thrilling set. Pulling heavily from last year's Slow Focus, they oscillated between harrowing soundscapes and triumphant noise anthems, building each track up in powerful crescendo and never letting up as songs built off of one another.

Projected images were thrown up on a white backdrop behind them, with their own outlines superimposed overtop, adding a surrealist visual element to the cacophony. Equal parts syncopated beats and droning noise (Power pounded on a live drum briefly while Hung occasionally sung through a distorted mic) the deep grooves had everyone in the place bobbing their heads. Some even attempted to dance. But everyone was enthralled with Fuck Buttons' ability to shape their chaotic noise into a collective experience that was far more than the sum of its parts.

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