'Fubar' Star Deaner's Band Nightseeker Sign to Royal Mountain

Their debut album is coming in early 2018
'Fubar' Star Deaner's Band Nightseeker Sign to Royal Mountain
After givin' 'er across Canada with a brand of "shearing metal from another dimension," FUBAR star Paul Spence (known best as Dean "Deaner" Murdoch) and his band Nightseeker have announced they are signing to Royal Mountain Records for their debut album.

"I like the fact that Royal Mountain Records has a mountain in the name," Murdoch said in a statement. "To me that's stable and wise and also may contain precious ore and or minerals. And might possibly have a secret base inside, with cannons, tanks, and deadly lazers."

The band have plans to release their debut full-length album in early 2018. Murdoch revealed that the album was produced by Ian Blurton (Change of Heart), who he calls "a magic man of metal."

UPDATE (2/22, 3 p.m. EST): Nightseeker's album 3069: A Space Sex Odyssey is set to arrive via Royal Mountain on April 20 (yes, 4/20).

"This album, is a concept," Murdoch continued. "One man's journey from the edge of destruction, to the outer reaches of space, to save mankind, and to meet beautiful amazon warrior women in the process. This is the greatest fantasy rock album ever."

While we await further details on Nightseeker's debut LP, you can take in a teaser video in the player below.