Freddie Gibbs Freddie

Freddie Gibbs Freddie
How does one rise above the cacophony of Kanye West's Wyoming Sessions, a surprise album from the Carters and a double album from Drake? With razor-sharp rhymes, insolent bass and a hot pink pocket square.
On his surprise effort, Freddie, Indiana spitfire Freddie Gibbs delivers a layered, delightfully clever offering that punches above its weight in a very hectic month. It's trolling-as-marketing done right: Gibbs juxtaposes the silky, colourful imagery of vintage R&B with crude beats and tight, blissfully vulgar verses that demand to be replayed at ignorant levels.
It's one of those rare gems with virtually no skippable content; "Triple Threat" features the frosty thump of '80s-era 808s, while Gibbs floats effortlessly on Migos-adjacent cuts like "Automatic" and "Set Set."
Cohesive and well structured, Freddie is a clear standout for the season and quite possibly, the year. And Gibbs didn't have to rent out the Louvre to do it. (ESGN)