Freddie Gibbs "Cocaine Parties in L.A."

Freddie Gibbs 'Cocaine Parties in L.A.'
While the world waits for the arrival of Kanye West's newly retitled Waves LP, Cali-based grinder Freddie Gibbs has flipped the feel of Lord Yeezus' recent "No Parties in L.A.", recasting it as the snow-blown "Cocaine Parties in L.A." You can hear his redo online now.

Though it's backed by the same beat, Gibbs goes on to describe a completely different scene than Kanye. Here, he's buried in a blizzard of "cocaine transactions," choppin' loads in a bullet hole-riddled crib.

He adds some debauchery, references being the target of a 2014 shooting in New York, and delivers Macklemore-minded bars as well ("No I ain't sell like Macklemore / But I got white privilege").

If you were wondering why Gibbs sounds so natural on the beat, it could be because it was co-produced by PiƱata partner Madlib. You can take a whiff of "Cocaine Parties in L.A." via the player down below.