Freddie Gibbs Allegedly Targeted in Williamsburg Shooting

Freddie Gibbs Allegedly Targeted in Williamsburg Shooting
Rapper Freddie Gibbs has had a solid year, thanks in no small part to his Piñata LP with Madlib and its follow-up Tonite Show EP with the World's Freshest. Gibbs is always working on something, but he was nearly stopped in his tracks after an alleged attempted shooting.

The rapper had just finished performing at New York record store and venue Rough Trade in Williamsburg early this morning (November 4) and was sitting in his car outside of the venue. It was then that the New York Post reports a man started shooting at the rapper.

"They tried to kill Tupac. They tried to kill me," Gibbs said to the Post. When asked why he was targeted, he added, "I'm Freddie Gibbs. They tried to kill me, but I'm still alive."

Security footage from the record store revealed that the gunman was trying to blend in with Gibbs' entourage. "He was standing around you guys all night," an investigator said to Gibbs. "He was stalking you guys. We can tell on camera, he wanted it to look like he knew you, but it's clear he didn't. When you guys left, he was waiting for you outside."

Two people, rumoured to be members of Gibbs' entourage, were shot in the leg and the hand, respectively. They're recovering in Bellevue Hospital.

So far, there have been no arrests.