Frank Ocean "Wiseman"

Frank Ocean 'Wiseman'
The Django Unchained soundtrack dropped earlier this week, but despite inlcuding some tunes from Rick Ross, Ennio Morricone and more, a new Frank Ocean song was left off the final product. The R&B crooner has now offered up a stream of the song, seemingly titled "Wiseman."

Ocean posted the track on his blog last night (December 22) and let us in on the lyrics as well. The tune is fairly down tempo, and features some spaghetti western-styled tremolo guitar supporting Ocean's supple vocals, which question the notion of good and bad. "Just flesh and blood exists," he serenades on the cut before it fleshes out with some synth and string tones. You can sample it for yourself in the stream down below, courtesy of a rip from The Honesty Hour.

Despite the song not figuring anywhere in the film, Ocean posted that "django was ill without it."