Frank Ocean "Sweet Life"

Frank Ocean 'Sweet Life'
Freshly open about his sexuality, it's time to stop talking about Frank Ocean's private life and focus in on his highly anticipated Def Jam debut Channel Orange, whose "Sweet Life" you can listen to now.

In our track-by-track preview of the album, Exclaim! writer Stephen Carlick wrote of "Sweet Life," "This sultry piece is introduced by a melodic bassline and jazzy Wurlizter keyboard. Shuffling drums and thick vocal harmonies build to an all-out crescendo including a brass ensemble. The trick of building up instrumental parts until they all coalesce in a grand crescendo is one Ocean employs a few times on Channel Orange."

He was right, as "Sweet Life" is built on near-perfect production from Pharrell Williams that's at once funky and lush.

Listen to "Sweet Life" below and grab Channel Orange when its released on July 17.