Foxes in Fiction "March 2011" / "Rearrange" / "Into the Fields" on Exclaim! TV

Foxes in Fiction 'March 2011' / 'Rearrange' / 'Into the Fields' on Exclaim! TV
The weekend of Wavelength Music Festival 2016 marked some of the coldest days of Toronto's winter season, a cluster of dark days and nights in which warmth felt like a fictional concept. Luckily, the bone-chilling temperatures were short-lived, but to help you make it through the last (and, arguably, the worst) little bit of winter, we caught three songs from Foxes in Fiction's toasty February 13 set at Markham House for Exclaim! TV.

Bathing us in the warmth of the dreamy sounds of his musical project, Brooklyn-based Canadian Warren Hildebrand helped us all momentarily forget about the icicles hanging from our noses. The first video captured from the evening features 2014's Ontario Gothic cut "March 2011," an ethereal track that brings listeners along with him on a serene sonic stroll. Next, washed in a wave of ambient sound and projections, Hildebrand soothes us with imagery of the ocean in "Rearrange," before progressing into a trippy, teched-out instrumental to close out the piece. The third and final clip of the series features "Into The Fields," another calming track that moves along steadily and encourages us to bask in the reverb-heavy fretwork.

Hildebrand himself stated there is a "certain warmth" he feels in coming back to Toronto, and after spending a cozy evening with him at Markham House, there's no doubt that we felt it too. Watch the exclusive triple-clip feature below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres

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