Foxes in Fiction Returns with New Album 'Trillium Killer'

Hear new songs "Antibody" and "Rush to Spark" now
Foxes in Fiction Returns with New Album 'Trillium Killer'
Five years on from sharing Ontario Gothic, Toronto-bred/Brooklyn-based songwriter Warren Hildebrand has readied a third album as Foxes in Fiction.

Hildebrand will release new full-length Trillium Killer through their Orchid Tapes label on October 18.

Ten tracks in length, Trillium Killer was recorded between 2017 and 2019, and features contributions from Eric Littman, Olive Jun, Emily Yacina, Dijon Duenas, Emily Reo, Jake Falby, Oliver Hill and Hillary James.

"The initial idea for this record came after a period in my life where it felt like part of me was splintering off into a a separate version of myself that was directing me to self-destruct," Hildebrand wrote in a statement. "It felt like there were two parts of me fighting against each other; one that was plotting the steps towards getting better, seeking help and staying alive and another that was bent on violence and annihilation."

Alongside the announcement, Hildebrand has shared album tracks "Antibody" and "Rush to Spark," which you can hear in the players below. The artist expanded on the pair of tracks as follows:

"Antibody" and "Rush to Spark" are at their core two songs about the effects of medication.

"Antibody" is a song about HIV anxiety as a sexually active queer person brought on by homophobic stigma around the virus and what happens when you're liberated from that anxiety by taking PrEP drugs like Truvada and how that can reframe a person's understanding of HIV and help eliminate internalized social-sexual stigmatization of HIV-positive people.

"Rush to Spark" is about getting a sense of what it feels like to be neurotypical after finding medication that works for you but still living with the understanding that mental illness is going to be something that you're going to have to deal with and maintain for the rest of your life. It's also about the stress and tension that you unintentionally (or intentionally) can put on your own life and lives of people around you when you're experiencing episodes caused by your illness.

Hildebrand has also announced a pair of album release shows in Montreal and Brooklyn, and you can find details for those below. ​Trillium Killer is now available for pre-order.

Trillium Killer:

1. Ontario Sunshine
2. A Softer World
3. Extinguisher
4. Rush to Spark
5. Say Yes to Violence
6. Ontario Sunshine Pt. 2
7. Antibody
8. Summer of The Gun
9. Trillium Killer
10. Second Chances / Vantablack

Tour dates:

10/25 - Montreal, QC - Saint-Édouard Church / Église Saint-Édouard
11/02 - Brooklyn, NY - Public Records