Foxes in Fiction Shares New Song "Say Yes to Violence"

It appears on the Toronto artist's upcoming album 'Trillium Killer'
Foxes in Fiction Shares New Song 'Say Yes to Violence'
Ahead of releasing new album Trillium Killer later this month, Foxes in Fiction has shared another new song from the effort.

As the project's Toronto-raised Warren Hildebrand explained, "Say Yes to Violence" concerns "confronting temptation to give into self-destruction and what it means to decide to push up against those urges."

You can hear "Say Yes to Violence" for yourself below.

For the song's vocal parts and overall feel, Hildebrand took inspiration from Charli XCX

"I was really enamoured with her both as an artist and from a songwriting / production standpoint when it came to making the songs on Trillium Killer," Hidebrand explained. "I found myself constantly inspired both by Charli's relentless work ethic and her constant willingness to fuck with the form, conventions and limits of pop music."

Trillium Killer arrives October 18 through Orchid Tapes. The album is now available for pre-order.

Tour dates:

10/25 - Montreal, QC - Saint-Édouard Church / Église Saint-Édouard
11/02 - Brooklyn, NY - Public Records