Four Tet Claims 'Late Night Tales' Reissue Isn't Authorized, Gives It Away for Free Online

Four Tet Claims 'Late Night Tales' Reissue Isn't Authorized, Gives It Away for Free Online
A recent reissue of Four Tet's 2004 DJ mix for the Late Night Tales series has had the electronic artist born Kieran Hebden come out with claims that the re-release isn't authorized.

The set is currently up for sale on CD and, for the first time, on 180-gram vinyl, but today (September 19), Hebden tweeted that he had no part in putting together this latest edition of the mix.

He wrote: "this reissue of my Late Night Tales mix they are doing has nothing to do with me... they never told me about it and not heard the remaster."

A follow-up tweet had the artist telling fans to "just ignore it" and download the set via a SendSpace file he uploaded. 

A response was later drafted by the Late Night Tales team, who claimed that they had been in contact with Four Tet at the end of 2012 about the project. They also noted that the set isn't remastered, but rather carries the original mix, and that the vinyl reissue was heavily requested by fans. The Late Night Tales camp also added that Hebden should get a hold of them if he has a problem with the release.

Via Pitchfork, the statement reads:

As Late Night Tales started in the late '90s a lot of our older editions were only on CD. We have been steadily reissuing the series on digital stores and, due to popular demand, on vinyl. We'd originally told Kieran about the reissue of his 2004 album when the digital was organized at the end of 2012. The reissues carry the original mix itself and the separated tracks. This vinyl edition is the same as that. If there's been some confusion, Kieran has our details to get back in touch.

Four Tet's Late Night Tales mix threaded together tracks from Terry Riley, Gravediggaz, Madvillain, Manitoba, Tortoise and more, and also includes his reworked version of Jimi Hendrix's "Castles Made of Sand." Unless you've already snatched that SendSpace file, you can check out a quick audio trailer for the set down below.