Four Tet Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal QC, August 2

Four Tet Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal QC, August 2
Photo: Ellie Pritts
For a man who usually beefs up his recordings for the live show, Four Tet kept the audience at arm's length with his Osheaga set. Granted, he played some truly beautiful electronic music, but a lot of it seemed out of place at the muddy Piknic Électronik stage. While Four Tet is usually a placid man at the best of times, he was absolutely wooden at Osheaga. Aside from some deft manipulation of "For These Times" he remained mostly inactive throughout.

Of course there were some high points — this is Four Tet, after all. As elements of "Pyramid" snuck underneath the chunky rhythms of "Buchla," the two tracks fused perfectly, before the bass-line from "Kool FM" joined the party. This 12-minute section was magnificent, but it was a small portion of an otherwise lacklustre set.

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