Folly & the Hunter Announce 'Awake' LP

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 26, 2015

Montreal's Folly & the Hunter have previously carved out an atmospheric folk sound, but now they've gone in a more pop-friendly direction with their latest album, which is called Awake and will be out on May 26 through Outside Music.

The album was recorded at Revolution Studios in Toronto with producer Howie Beck. It was mostly written while on tour in the past couple of years and found live collaborator Phil Creamer taking on a full-time role in the group, which has expanded to become a four-piece.

Frontman Nick Vallee said in a statement, "Recording with Howie in Toronto helped us step out of our old modes, and into new ways of writing songs. We pushed beyond our comfort zone, and it brought a new energy to the music."

Awake apparently offers a more optimistic outlook than 2013's poignant Tragic Care.

Scroll past the tracklist below to watch a two-minute trailer for Awake, which features footage from the studio along with clips of the title track plus "Travelling."


1. Awake
2. Breath
3. Kill My Hope
4. Small Victories
5. Duisburg
6. The Way We Are
7. Lose That Light
8. Wreck It
9. Travelling
10. Arrow
11. Science

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