Flying Lotus Apologizes for Defending the Gaslamp Killer

Flying Lotus Apologizes for Defending the Gaslamp Killer
Flying Lotus came under fire for comments he made during a Los Angeles show over the weekend, during which he seemed to defend the Gaslamp Killer in the wake of rape allegations. Now, the producer and Brainfeeder founder has apologized for what he said onstage.
Speaking to HipHopDX, Flying Lotus claimed that the video shared online was cut short. "There was a lot longer of a speech," he said. "It would be awesome to show the whole video. I came at it from a humble place."
It wasn't a total non-apology, though.
"I wanted to sincerely apologize for my comments at my show," he added. "I realize they were insensitive. This is a tough time for all of us, as men and women. I'm having trouble finding my voice in all of this. I am truly heartbroken. My stage has always been a place for what's in my heart until now. I feel as internet wielding people we have to learn to give each other space to feel, to honour each other's reactions and experiences without bullying. I care about this community and its impact so much."
The initial video footage that surfaced hears FlyLo spouting phrases like "The internet is a fucking liar," and "Ain't nobody judge and jury but the fuckin' law," before he closed out his set by spinning a Gaslamp Killer song.
As reported last week, Twitter user @chelseaelaynne alleged that the Gaslamp Killer (real name William Benjamin Bensussen) drugged and raped her and her friend RaeAn at the Standard Hotel in L.A. in 2013. Bensussen has denied the claims.
Brainfeeder, meanwhile, publicly distanced itself from the artist, claiming that the label "did not have any knowledge of the alleged incidents, and condemn any such actions across the board."