Fit for an Autopsy

The Sea of Tragic Beasts

BY Joe Smith-EngelhardtPublished Oct 25, 2019

After showing tremendous growth on their last album, The Great Collapse, Fit for an Autopsy outed themselves as one of the best deathcore bands around. Their experimentation and dive into progressive and melodic elements helped break from the deathcore mould so many acts started to follow, and they've kept up that same energy with their latest, The Sea of Tragic Beasts.
The album wastes no time in showing the band's development, with the title track launching into some nasty string-scraping grooves, leading to Architects-style dirty metalcore in the chorus. It's a bold song to start off with, but they offer deathcore fanboys something hefty in the technical chugging on "No Man Is Without Fear." By the third track, "Shepherd," they've pretty much covered most facets of death metal with the At the Gates-ish melodic death metal riffing.
The drive towards melody is extremely present on the album, with tracks like "Mourn" and "Unloved" using airy guitar passages to build tension for the truly heavy moments. No one is expecting particularly diverse vocal deliveries in this sub-genre, but with the success that Whitechapel have been getting from their strong use of singing, and Fit for an Autopsy incorporating metalcore-style choruses, it's becoming more present and shows deathcore can keep innovating.
While their last album was shockingly good, it's fantastic to see Fit for an Autopsy are capable of consistently dropping solid records. The band had always seemed like a middling group in a sea of standout acts, but now they've shoved their way to the forefront of deathcore and are easily one of the best around today.
(Nuclear Blast)

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