Fit for an Autopsy

The Great Collapse

BY Joe Smith-EngelhardtPublished Mar 15, 2017

Fit for an Autopsy have outdone themselves on their most recent album, showing a massive range of experimentation and growth as a band. The Great Collapse is a groundbreaking step for the group, showing that deathcore bands can innovate without sacrificing elements that define the genre.
All of the typical components of deathcore are present on the album, yet the band find space to add metalcore-style choruses and a heavy dose of progressive metal elements. The band strongly focus on creating a dark and eerie atmosphere through clean and melodic passages that juxtapose with the heavier sections to make them stand out.
Opening track "Hydra" builds enormous tension before ripping into an onslaught of breakdowns and unnerving leads. Tracks like "Heads Will Hang" and "Iron Moon" highlight the variety on the album, combining grooves in the vein of Meshuggah or Gojira with clean sections and enough technicality to impress metal purists.
The Great Collapse is a massive improvement on the evolution of the band from their previous album. Fit for an Autopsy are leading the genre into new realms that critics of deathcore never imagined would be possible.
(eOne/Good Fight)

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