Fila Brazillia A Touch of Cloth

Following numerous recordings for the Pork label, the UK production team of Fila Brazillia step out on their own with the first release on their own Tritone label. Far mellower than last year’s Power Clown album, A Touch of Cloth works more toward chills than spills. The hard funk and guitar elements seem to have dissipated in favour of constructing more luxurious grooves with Moog-ish keys and jazzy horns. The beautifully warm melodies clearly give a nod toward the roots of American disco and funk from the ’70s along with light jazzy textures, Latin beats and dub bass lines. Strangely enough, the one block-rocking track, “Breakfast Fossils,” isn’t on the album and was saved as an extra track for the lead off single “Ridden Pony.” (Tritone)