Fila Brazillia Dicks

Break beat champions and heroes of the trip-hop generation, Fila Brazillia return with their third release of 2004, Dicks, a follow-up to the sly Life and Times of Phoebus Brumal. As masterfully eclectic as the last, Dicks, their tenth release, is an ambitious mix of the same funky breaks and rocking soul that has made Fila Brazillia so interesting even after almost 14 years of making electronic music. Dicks, is a non-linear journey through what seems to be the leftover beats from Life and Times minus the great smoked out vocals that tied the original record together. Filled with some very inspired instrumental break beats, this record hits some very funky highs but also falls short in a few spots. The good and bad tracks are hard to pinpoint, since the track listing is a jumble of words that could form a variety of different titles. Seemingly pieced together, as both a piece of music and a product, with very little overworking, it works for its simplicity and uncorrupted innocence. Dicks, is a good sit down record, something that needs a couple of spins for you to really appreciate it. Trust me, sit and wait, and it will grow on you. (Twentythree)