Fila Brazillia B2

It takes no time for Fila Brazillia to get your body into a groove as they take Fluke’s "Tosh” and turn it into an all-out funk party. Just one of several stand-out numbers on this double remix record, in which the British duo grab the likes of Beef Wellington and Soulstice and give them a proper working over. Brazilification 2 follows up on its predecessor, showing that these boys definitely have been keeping themselves busy by giving their distinct flare to worthy tunes. The first instalment of remixes saw the likes of heavyweights Radiohead and DJ Food having their pieces sliced and diced to amazing results, whereas this latest batch of reworkings seems to focus on the more underground artists that Fila Brazillia have worked with. The results are just as impressive, though you’re not likely to realise just how much the duo has lifted from the original and how they’ve added their touch. The first disc tends to be on the more upbeat side, giving you delicious Latin vibes via their excellent modernisation of Cal Tjader’s "Soul Sauce” or the rapid beats and sinister bass lines that are injected into Euphoria’s "Sweet Rain.” The second disc seems to be on a calmer tip as down-tempo artists get rewritten, creating a much more relaxing and ambient counterpart. Jaffa’s already beautiful "Elevator” gets more of a kick and added instrumentation while Tosca’s classic "Fuck Dub” continues on its hip-hop path, but with a more soulful and stripped down approach. Though B2 isn’t as majestic as, say, The K&D Sessions by Kruder & Dorfmeister, there are still enough remixes on here that will satisfy many ears, making the bypass-worthy cuts mere hiccups. (Twentythree)