FFS "Collaborations Don't Work"

FFS 'Collaborations Don't Work'
Glaswegian art-rock outfit Franz Ferdinand and glam rockers Sparks recently teamed up to form FFS, and the supergroup is set to release their self-titled debut LP on June 8 via Domino.
But before the record arrives, the band have shared a new tongue-in-cheek track called "Collaborations Don't Work." Opening with a bit of acoustic finger-picking and Alex Kapranos' sweetly sung declaration of the song's title, it then bursts into a dramatic, borderline operatic, piano-driven celebration of cultural icons doing it for themselves.
Mozart, Andy Warhol and Frank Lloyd Wright may have preferred to work solo, but the lads in Franz Ferdinand and Sparks have obviously uncovered the secret to experimental musical teamwork. Hear them come together on "Collaborations Don't Work" in the player below.