Fatima Al Qadiri "Star-Spangled"

Fatima Al Qadiri 'Star-Spangled'
After taking a week off, the Adult Swim Singles Program has returned with a holiday-themed track from Fatima Al Qadiri. Being the July 4 holiday down beneath the border, the New York composer has put a synthy spin on "The Star-Spangled Banner."

The familiar strains of the U.S. national anthem are stretched out in al Qadri's soundscape, with the ethereal echo of vintage synths and faux-choir sounds stilting the flow of the patriotic number. Frightening, ambient drones are layered onto the melody, making for a version that sounds something like Wendy Carlos scoring a flag-waving parade in an ill-lit bomb shelter.

You can download and/or stream the track over here.

As previously reported, the singles program will be unveiling news tunes from Mastodon, Tim Hecker, Future and more before the summer is through.