Fatima Al Qadiri Details 'Shaneera' EP

The effort is "a love letter to evil and benevolent queens around the world"
Fatima Al Qadiri Details 'Shaneera' EP
After delivering her Brute LP last year, Fatima Al Qadiri has lifted the curtain on a new EP.

Titled Shaneera, the producer's new effort arrives through Hyperdub on October 13. As the label explains, the title is an Arabic word that translates as "outrageous, nefarious, hideous, major and foul," though it has been reappropriated as queer slang in Kuwait and other Arab countries.

"Shaneera refers to a gender-defying persona (or temporary state or action), of being an evil queen," the statement continues. "You know a shaneera when you behold one."

The EP's lyrics are sung in "a mixture of Kuwaiti and Egyptian Arabic, and one Iraqi proverb," while it "combines Khaleeji (Arab Gulf), Western drum kits and Arabesque melodies" in its sonics. Vocalists include Bobo Secret, Lama3an, Chaltham and Naygow, while Al Qadiri adorns the cover.

Shaneera is available for pre-order here. Read through the tracklisting to hear "Alkhaf" in the player below.


1. Shaneera (ft. Bobo Secret & Lama3an)
2. Is2aleeha (ft. Bobo Secret & Chatham)
3. Alkhaf (ft. Bobo Secret & Chaltham)
4. Spiral (ft. Bobo Secret)
5. Galby (ft. Nayglow)