Farrell Bros. Go to Hell!

Remember that time you went to see the Jimmy Dean picture at the drive-in with Billie Sue in your brand new Chevy convertible? Or getting the shake at that place with the roller-skating waitresses with the bobbysocks? No? The Farrell Bros do. These Prairie-billies are the kind of rock and roll that was big right around the time Khruschev was banging his shoe at the U.N. It's honest, grease-monkey, soda-jerk hot rod music with a darn righteous Protestant bible-thumping, banjo jangle twinge. Not as punk as Horton Heat, but definitely in the same big sky frame of mind, the Farrell Bros. are hell-raisin' roughnecks that fine upstanding families certainly won't want in their small town. Pity the poor good folks of Selkirk. Them troublesome Farrells used to be such nice boys. (Independent)