Farrell Bros. Rumble @ the Opry

It’s strange that Buddy Holly (someone who looked like a used toaster salesman/Commodore 64 enthusiast) has inspired thousands of tattooed delinquents to reach for Pomade and an Epiphone, but when the product is as good as this, why question it? On Rumble @ the Opry, the Farrell Brothers deliver a brand of rockabilly that takes just as much inspiration from the Nuggets compilations as it does from earlier artists of their own genre. The most impressive feature of the album is the band’s knack for writing not only great hooks, but just really fuckin’ impressive songs. While driving rave ups like "I Walk a Fiery Line” are to be expected, it’s darker songs like "Set This Lone Wolf Free” that make this disc stand apart. (Teenage Rampage)