Factor "Soundstage" (ft. Awol One)

Factor 'Soundstage' (ft. Awol One)
Saskatoon's Factor (a.k.a. Graham Murawsky) is sticking true to his word of delivering a new single every month as part of his Factor Friday's series. This time around, the hip-hop producer has tapped longtime collaborator Awol One for a gently bouncing rap track dubbed "Soundstage."

Factor fits the soundscape with a series of ethereal synths, chorus pedal-heavy guitar plucks akin to vintage New Order and a laid-back clap beat. Awol One, meanwhile, unfurls a series of sighed lines revolving around "underground hip-hop and sex appeal," while also detailing friendly games of baseball and how Factor totally dominates his wheels of steel.

You can check out the easygoing though celebratory team-up down below. The track acts as a teaser to an as-yet-undetailed new LP collaboration between Awol and Factor, their fourth, which is set to arrive sometime later in 2014 via Fake Four Inc.

Meanwhile, Factor also plans to collect his Factor Friday's tracks though an upcoming 7-inch series.