Eyehategod Preaching the "End-Time" Message

Not the forthcoming full-length disciples have been fiending for since lords of despair Eyehategod’s departure from long-time turbulent home Century Media, Preaching the "End-Time” Message is a compilation of rare vinyl, alternate, live and new demo tracks. Collecting long-out of print seven-inch splits with Soilent Green and Cripple Bastards ("Age of Bootcamp” and "I Am the Gestapo,” respectively), along with their contribution to Hydra Head’s Sabbath tribute series In These Black Days ("Sabbath Jam”), live takes of "Jackass in the Will of God” and "Revolution/Revelation,” and alternate versions of "Methamphetamine” and "Serving Time In the Middle of Nowhere,” Eyehategod’s now-legendary Southern hostility remains as corrosive as battery acid, mixing Sabbath-ian doom with genuine hardcore punk nihilism and layering it with tortured anti-prophet Mike Williams’s teachings and vocal abuse. Of course, it’s the ten-minute-plus allure of the three new demo tracks ("International Narcotic,” "36 Beers and a Ball of String” and "Turn Troubled Tables”) that’s the hook for Preaching and they are just as desperate, hurtful and savage as any EHG work, especially "International Narcotic,” which has an early In The Name of Suffering air to its loathing. For those keeping score, that makes three collections to one full-length in the last five years from these mavens of misery. However, Preaching signals that the mighty EHG are still a nihilistic force to be reckoned with, despite the fears that their reign of desolation had run its course. (Emetic)