Eye Flys

Tub of Lard

BY Mark TremblayPublished Mar 24, 2020

From members of Full of Hell and Backslider comes stripped-down and loose project Eye Flys. Tub of Lard, their full-length debut, goes for the jugular and never slows down for even a second. Despite the composition of its parts, Eye Flys are extremely accessible and have created a punishing record in the realm of noise and sludge metal.
Eye Flys are, first and foremost, all about the riff. Each track has an earworm-quality riff that builds the foundation of every song. Guitarist Spencer Hazard offers up some of his best work on tracks like "Tubba Lard," "Not Ready for Tomorrow" and "Nice Guy." Each not only contains heavy moments, but also a slight turn that keeps the listener's attention.
For a record labeled as noise rock, there is plenty of variety that one might not initially expect. From the odd-time swing of "Extraterrestrial Memorandum" to the sludgy plod of "Predator and Prey," Eye Flys cover a broad spectrum of stylistic subtleties. Tub of Lard does not hide from its influences and try to be something it is not. If you are looking for a no-nonsense noise rock and sludge metal album, Tub of Lard will suit you perfectly.
(Thrill Jockey)

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