The Express The Express

An idea that took years to blossom, the Express are a side-project from members of two of Canada's finest East coast bands. Fronted by cousins Liam Corcoran (Two Hours Traffic) and Kinley Dowling (Hey Rosetta!), this self-titled album is a warm, charming folk debut. Although the lyrics are filled with the uncertainty of youth, the music is confident and sure-footed. The lazy pedal steel vibe of opening track "Nobody Knows" is representative of the classic folk style that fills much of the album ― the opening to "Prairie Moonlight," for example, sounds like a lost track from Nick Drake. But the band also demonstrate an ability to break out of the folk mould. On the striking "Sharpshooter," Dowling plucks her violin like a mandolin while crooning hushed vocals to create a vivid mood and distinctive sound. Produced by Dale Murray (Cuff the Duke), this auspicious debut has staying power. (Independent)